Who uses your services the most?

We often notice many small businesses and independent contractors who need to make pay stubs for their employees but do not have the means to pay for high priced accounting services. Getting pay stubs online from BestPayStubs.com saves businesses time and money. There are, in fact, many benefits to pay stub generators.

Are details like taxes and year to date (YTD) accurate?

Our website was designed using special software that utilities a pay stub calculator that precisely calculates such figures. We even adjust for tax rates per state, giving our customers the most accurate paystub generator anywhere online.

How can I pay for my pay stub?

We currently accept PayPal payments. Our website will send you to their website to make a payment using your PayPal account.

When will my paystub arrive?

Once a payment is completed, our website will instantly deliver a copy of your paystub to your email address.

What do I need to print my paystub?

Just a normal printer capable of printing 8.5×11 sized documents.

What if I don’t like my paystub? Can I get a refund?

Our website allows you to preview the note, before paying for it. Every customer is well aware of they are buying. Please understand this is a custom document, and therefore all sales are final.

What happens if I realize I made a mistake, after getting my final copy?

We will offer you the ability to go back and order again, for free. You can request up to 1 redo per order. All edit requests must be asked for within 24 hours after the original purchase date.

Are the paystubs created at BestPayStubs.com a legal documents?

Although our services are used by many businesses, we can not present these pay stubs as legal documents. So, no they are not.