For years, many employers would use a checkbook to pay their workers. As time passed, a need to better breakdown one’s income earnings lead to more precise reporting and pay check stubs were born! These stubs displayed details about tax dedications, withholding’s and more. This allowed employees to have accurate earning reports that were documented. These days businesses who want to provide such income reporting to it’s staff, are required to create pay stubs that utilize precise pay stub calculators to ensure accurate figures. offers businesses and individual contractors the ability to produce instant pay stubs online. They simply fill in a few key details about their staff member and the website calculates every figure and generates custom stubs. They can later be printed off and used for personal record keeping.

Why would somebody create a pay stub online?

The fact is, most companies use expensive payroll software or pay high dollars for accounting services. Many small business, struggling in these touch economic times, can not afford such services. Low cost pay stub generators available through the internet do not come with hefty software prices, annual service fees, or accountants that are difficult to reach. By being online and available 24/7, websites like simplify the pay stub process.

Most websites use templates that were created form actual income reports. These templates ensure that the final pay stub has the look and feel of an actual pay stub that one might be handed from any local business in your area!

What do I need to create a pay stub for myself?

When creating pay stubs online, it is important to have some basic details about the company employee the stubs are for. Our website will collect some basic information about the individual including their name, their address, their date of birth, their social security numbers, average salary or hourly rate. and more. We use this information and pulled data based upon your state or area to ensure that all of the calculators and data is accurate.

What does a pay stub look like? Can I see a sample?

There are many different ways to view a pay stub, and the more you understand about all of it’s details, the more you can break it down and appreciate it.

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