These days we are literally glued to the internet every waking hour of the day. Whether we need to quickly sell an old lamp of ours through online classified ads or access a taxi at the click of a cell phone app, we live for the convenience the internet offers. The ability to make pay stubs online is just one more benefit that the web offers. Geared specifically towards independent contractors and small companies who find the service greatly beneficial, these generators offer pay stub solutions for businesses.

Why does going online to generate pay stubs save you money?

Before pay stub generators came along, businesses would use spreadsheet software to calculate income reports for it’s staff. For some, this has lead to a number of problems, including improper configurations involving tax rates and employees getting stubs that were not precise. As you can imagine, when questions came up about stubs that had errors on them, businesses found themselves in sticky situations. Compare this massive problem to generators that use pay stub calculators for accurate figures resulting in less problems, but they cost a fraction of what spreadsheet software does! These days, such software may set you back $80 compared to $12 for an authentic looking stub made within minutes over the internet.

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Why do online pay stubs save you time?

Because a lot of the configurations are already programmed into the generator, a business has less details to worry about. By simply keying in the employee’s name, address details, hourly or salary rate and a few minor pieces of information, the online pay stub is instantly created! Compare this to the time it takes to start up your work computer, enter your passwords, wait for your software to load, etc! Talk about wasting time and in business, time is money, is it not?

In what ways are pay stubs generated online more convenient?

The biggest problem with trying to make pay stubs yourself through your computer, is the amount of details that have to be collection. Think of the trouble one has to go through looking for a good looking pay stub template and then having to key in all of their details into that template. Talk about a major inconvenience! Being online, businesses can access pay stub generators 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, giving them quick access to pay stubs at any time. Now, you want to talk about convenience? That’s convenient!

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