For years, many businesses would pay their employees directly out of their business checking accounts. The problem is for many, using professional accounting services is very expensive and not price effective for small businesses. Other times employees are in need of proof of income, and employees without a payroll department are able to now go online and generate instant pay stubs using a pay stub calculator.

Why is a solid pay stub calculator so important?

When you are creating a pay stub, there are so many figures that you must take into consideration. These including individual tax rates per state, federal taxes, year to date,  deductions, withholding and more.  A precisely engineered calculator will quickly adjust these figures as you enter in key data, making it very simply to create precise pay stubs.

How to make the best pay stub

Taking advantage of the pay stub calculator offered by our website, will help you create stubs with accurate numbers and figures. This is because all of the calculators are automatically adjusted based upon your details.

Be weary of pay stub generators that do not feature such capabilities and may result in stubs that full of mistakes, making them easily suspect.