Making since of your pay stub

Depending on how often your company pays you, chances are you receive a pay stub either one a week, once every other week or once a month. Although, there are some states that do not require stubs for employees, a pay stub is important because it breaks down finalize and tax information. If you do not know how to look at a pay stub and understand it in great detail, you may be ignoring information that could be costing you money.

What does my pay stub tell me?

A pay stub lists a variety of information including your taxable earnings, the total amount of money you made minus your net pay, or the amount of money you get to take home. The net pay is the amount of money that will be deposited into your checking account if your company offers direct deposit or the amount that you can cash using your paycheck.  What separates the amount between the total made and what you need, comes down to a variety of witholdings which include state taxes, federal taxes, social security and even Medicare.

Why is pay stub printed on fancy paper?

Some businesses will simply print your pay stub onto white letter paper. It is nothing special. Other times, companies may print your stub onto security paper of paycheck paper which protects the paperwork from being photocopied by adding a security mark onto the paper that appears when somebody tries to copy it. This protects the personal and sometimes provide information that can appear on the stub. Many people who work at an office that get a pay stub provided them every week by their HR department, often have the stub on such paper. Others who work from home or in a situation where the stub is emailed to them, often access it on standard white paper. There is no right or wrong way to print a paystub.

Is a pay stub something that I must hold onto and never loose?

A lot of times, people fall into a situation where they are required to provide copies of their paycheck stubs. In those cases, you could need to have access to them so it does help to keep them around. Often businesses will help their employees by reprinting copies of past pay stubs that may have been misplaced or lost. For those who no longer have access to their old business may be it may have gone out of business, the internet offers several solutions including paycheck templates that can be downloaded and used with Word processing programs. Other solutions include instant pay stub generators that utilize built in a paystub calculator to ensure that at all tax and fee numbers are accurate, a common issue that many run into when trying to produce their own stubs at home.