Pay stubs for employees

When I first heard of websites that allowed you generate pay stubs online, I immediately thought of the benefits it would offer businesses and thought of my friend Macro who had just started his carpentry business. I knew being a small businesses without access to a superior accounting team or expensive payroll software, would love the idea. I shared with him the link I found to an online generator and he’s used it every since.

Now, I never thought myself, as an employee of a business, that I would ever find any need for creating pay stubs online. Still, there came a time in my life when I started to make pay stubs for my own personal records and the decision was one of the smartest I ever made.

This all started just a few years ago, when I was working an office job in Montgomery, Alabama. The company agreed to pay me $9.50/hr plus time and a half for overtime. That was pretty much the norm in my state. The problem is, I wasn’t getting any income reports at the end of the week to show me what hours were documented and what I was getting paid for those hours. At the end of the year, I was given a total breakdown but it didn’t break it down per paycheck period and that scared me.

What most people do not realize that there is no law in some states like Alabama forcing employers to provide pay stubs for it’s staff. At the end of the year, that W-2 may have broke down my total earnings but I had no way of spotting potential programs by our HR department with individual pay checks.

I took matters into my own hands, by using the same pay stub generator website that I told Marco about to make stubs for my own personal records.  I had a gut feeling that I was being underpaid and that the decision to buy the stubs would pay off.

What details did you need a create an online pay stub as an employee?

I had entered my current wage as the business agreed to, pay period, the total hours I had worked, deductions, etc. I keyed everything into the generator, every week as each pay check stub would have been due. I then printed off each stub the generator made and kept them for my personal records. At the end of the year, when my business would give me a total breakdown, I had planned to to compare their figures with mine.

Did you find any issues with your company’s pay stubs?

When I added up all of my pay stubs that the website made with what my company was telling me I had earned, I realized that I was actually underpaid! Had I not have used a generator, I may not have known any better, and would have been out hundreds of dollars. I told my company about the problem and they agreed to go back and check their configurations. In the end, they realized that I was underpaid and paid me back the difference. Again, like I said, the decision to invest in the generator was such a smart one for me.

How would I generate an employee paystub for myself?

The internet offers a number of pay stub makers. Most of them are 100% free, allowing you to preview the stub and make sure all of the data is correct before printing out a final copy for a small charge. The process is very simple, because all you need to do is provide some simple details including your name, your address, pay wage and hours that you worked and the generator using a built in pay roll calculator to generate a precise and accurate pay stub for your personal records.



Michelle Flyer